BIM = Collaborative Design

At KAI, having both Design and Build under one roof allows us to collaborate on nearly every aspect of the design and construction process. Collaboration is key to the way we operate, and in fact, is a true competitive advantage. We use BIM tools, such as Revit, to support our collaborative efforts. The article below, written by Viktor Varkonyi, CEO of Grahpisoft, is a great example of how BIM lends itself perfectly to open collaborative design: Building Information Modeling (BIM) has fundamentally changed how buildings are designed. One may argue about the degree of productivity increase brought about by BIM, but it is beyond dispute that the previously unseen wealth of information provided by virtual building models has put designers in a completely different position with their design decisions, ultimately resulting in far better designed buildings. No designer is, however, alone in the design process—not even solo practitioners—so one may wonder if BIM brings added value to the design collaboration of the different disciplines as well.Read more