Rockwood Students Tour Carondelet Community Center

This past week, 5th grade students from Rockwood's gifted program toured the KAI-designed Carondelet Community Center as part of Rockwood's Partners in Education program. KAI architects Marcus Moomey and Arno Sandoval led the students, who were studying architecture, on a tour of the facility. The tour focused on such things as:

  • Site selection/benefits of location
  • Sustainable design efforts 
  • Materials selection
  • How form follows function
  • Ways problem-solving and critical thinking were used in the design process
  • Various factors on which architects make decisions


Our architects thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and helping give them some insight into the field of architecture!


After the tour, KAI received some excellent feedback on the experience:

I just spoke with the teacher yesterday and she said it was perfect! Your architects were amazing and very well prepared to demonstrate what it's like to be an architect from beginning to end on a project. These field investigations are a huge opportunity as a learning experience for our students and what they've learned will carry on in their lives.

Below is what the teacher sent after the program:

It was so wonderful!  The 2 men really prepared a lovely presentation for the kids. It was so valuable. The architects began with an explanation of what the client asked for, showed sketches of the layout and talked about LEED.  Then we walked around the building to see the things in person and talk. When we came back to the classroom they had set aside for us they demonstrated the software program that architects use called REVIT.  I was so proud of my students and it went SO SMOOTHLY.  The parents really appreciated it!!!!

A huge thank you goes to you and your team for providing this experience!

Hilary Kulik

Partners in Education

Rockwood School District