Enhancing the Passenger Experience - Part 2

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When we last left our traveler, Pete, he was on a plane about to land at Dallas-Fort Worth international Airport (DFW). Now safely on the ground, let’s follow Pete as he debarks and encounters more of KAI’s work on this leg of his trip.


A New Look

The first thing Pete notices as he comes up the jetway and into Terminal A is that the airport looks drastically different from the last time he traveled to DFW. The terminal’s new sleek, modern look is a result of the airport’s ongoing Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP). KAI is a member of the Jacobs design team for the project.

The phased TRIP renovation project creates huge gains in energy efficiency and sustainability for DFW, while improving the terminal’s layout, amenities and appearance for travelers. The terminal was taken down to concrete columns and bare floors and walls, and completely renovated. The 40 year old building systems had reached the end of their life cycle and were replaced, including electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, communications and life safety systems. The new Terminal A has an open layout and is ultra-modern, with higher ceilings, new interior wall finishes, and a smooth terrazzo floor.

Pete notices the new floor-to-ceiling artery wall along the concourse - KAI provided architectural detailing for this wall system. He also takes note of the new energy-efficient glass windows looking out onto the airfield. The terminal’s improved signage and wayfinding helps Pete easily make his way through the terminal.

High-Capacity Elevators

Pete boards one of Terminal A’s four new high-capacity elevators and heads down to the ground transportation area. KAI helped the project team replace the existing escalators with new, more energy-efficient elevators. These traction elevators not only use less energy than the previous escalators, they are also lower maintenance.

New Entry and Ticketing Area

Pete leaves the airport, and enjoys his stay in Dallas. When he returns for his flight back to St. Louis, he is welcomed to Terminal A by three new, distinct entry portals with upgraded signage. He enters the ticketing area which has been completely reconfigured to be more easily navigable and efficient. State-of-the-art self-serve kiosks expedite the check-in process, and single-agent podiums offer more personalized service. Soon, Pete has his boarding pass and is on his way to security.

Expanded and Reconfigured Security Checkpoint

As he enters the terminal’s security checkpoint area, Pete breathes a sigh of relief. The line at security isn’t too long, thanks to the enhanced and expanded TSA checkpoint, which includes full-body scanning technology. The security area, which has been expanded from 1,200 square feet to approximately 9,000 square feet, offers four security lanes (plus a premium passenger security lane) and a larger area after security to re-pack and re-dress. Pete repacks his laptop, puts his shoes back on, and heads toward his gate.

New Concession Outlets

With a little time to spare before his flight, Pete checks out some of the new shops and restaurants, including Salt Lick BBQ, the Gepetto’s toy store, and the Vino Volo wine shop. These are just a few of the 18 new concession outlets in Terminal A.

Enhanced Gate Amenities

At his gate waiting to board, Pete takes advantage of the plentiful power outlets, work tables, and free wi-fi to quickly check his email. When it’s time to board, the open layout of the gate area makes the process a breeze. With the travel process smooth and efficient, a relaxed Pete enjoys his flight home to St. Louis.

The Terminal A enhancements Pete experienced are just a part of the overall $2.3 billion DFW TRIP renovation project that will renovate all four of DFW’s original terminals: A, B, C, and E. KAI and the Jacobs design team will work on Terminals A and C. A separate team will renovate Terminals B and E. The entire project is expected to take seven years to complete, from 2010 – 2017.

KAI is also part of the team designing the new DFW Terminal A DART Station, which will open in August 2014.