KAI Five-in-Five: Meet Bruce L. Wood, Chief Operating Officer

With this post, we kick off a new blog series called KAI Five-in-Five. It gives us the chance to ask our fellow KAI staff members five questions about themselves and their work ... and it gives you the chance to get to know them — and our company — better.


Kicking off the series: Bruce Wood, As KAI’s Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Wood's extensive construction knowledge is put to good use as he manages overall operations for the company.

Outside of the office, Bruce enjoys watching his 16-year-old son’s baseball and basketball teams, something he’s been doing for many years. When his son and daughters, who are now in college, were growing up, he coached their baseball, softball and basketball teams as well.

When not coaching on the field, on the court, or on the job site, Bruce can often be found at his family’s house on Kentucky Lake. He, his wife Chris, and their children frequently spend summer days boating and jet skiing on the lake.



1.   How do you describe your role at KAI Design & Build?

At KAI Design & Build it is my job to make sure that our team has the resources necessary to perform successfully. This can mean ensuring the appropriate technology is available, the right processes and procedures are in place for the safety of our staff and clients, providing the right training and  hiring the right leaders. 

2.   What are the leading advantages of KAI PM/CM Department?

Here at KAI, our leading advantage of our PM/CM team is the talented, experienced and dedicated staff we have. Our PM/CM team has the benefit of being able to consult and cross reference information with their counterpart colleagues in KAI’s Architectural and Engineering groups. We work as a team, under the same roof, supporting one another’s efforts across disciplines and task groupings. This “smart” resource configuration gives KAI a distinct added advantage, and more importantly, provides added value to KAI clients.

3.   What has been your favorite PM/CM Project to work on and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite project. Each PM/CM project has a unique set of circumstances and challenges. For me, my favorite part of the job is the sense of pride, accomplishment and teamwork that occurs when we successfully overcome those challenges. Also, working for a good client is enjoyable and currently we are blessed to be working with great clients on major water / wastewater programs.

4.   What do you feel is the least known fact about KAI’s PM/CM Program that you feel the public should know?

That KAI serves as the Construction Manager on one of the largest Consent Decree programs in the United States. As the prime firm and in subconsultant roles, KAI has worked on multiple projects for Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (the District) under a consent decree CSO program, with an estimated cost of $5.9 billion dollars.


KAI, as prime, was awarded the Construction Management Services for almost $500 million worth of tank, treatment and pump station facilities in various locations throughout the District. This contract was developed from the Consent Decree that was a direct response to the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Missouri and other entities to address sewer overflows.


KAI’s District projects have involved public engagement, wet-weather capacity increases, chlorination/dechlorination facilities, one of the largest U/V treatment facilities in the country, pump stations, 120” concrete-encased  steel pipe installation, flood protection pump, and above ground storage facilities, outfall sewer tunneling and many more component facilities for wastewater treatment.


5.   Share a project that you feel best exemplifies the quality of work done at KAI.

We are currently working on a project to get a wastewater treatment plant back functioning that was completely taken out of service by recent historic flooding. We were able to mobilize an experienced team in a matter of a few days. KAI worked with MSD to determine both a primary, secondary and U.V. disinfection systems running. These plans included the identification of key electrical equipment needing to be refurbished and/or replaced and the strategy required to ensure the plant could and would meet all upcoming system deadlines. The teamwork that exists between the client, the contractor and KAI as Construction Manager enabled the plant to get up and running in a short amount of time. The long hours and forward thinking and planning required for this success helps exhibit our dedication and expertise.