Navisworks - A Practical Application

Case Study: During the construction of Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School in Dallas, Texas, the contractor had concerns about ceiling clearance for lighting, heat pumps, ductwork, and plumbing. They requested that the ceiling be lowered 12" (from 10' to 9') to accommodate these items.We were able to easily put the contractor's concerns to rest using Navisworks. Knowing that these clearance requirements had been addressed during the CD phase utilizing Revit, our Virtual Design & Construction specialist exported these systems to Navisworks, and created the video attached below.The video originates in the corridor to provide a reference point. It then moves into the ceiling space, showing the ductwork and other items in relation to the ceiling height. It is easy to see that the clearance, as designed, works perfectly.The Outcome: the ceiling height remained at 10', much to our client's delight.