KAI Design & Build Utilizing Cutting Edge Project Management Software

Since its inception in 1980, KAI Design & Build has continued to seek out processes and technology that facilitate collaboration, create efficiencies and provide leverage to its project teams and clients. Its recent investment in Procore construction project management software puts KAI on the cutting edge of industry technology.

Procore's software allows contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, project owners, architects and engineers to collaborate on construction projects and share access to documents, planning systems and data. The Cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere from any mobile device, including cell phones, laptops and iPads.

In January 2017, KAI's BUILD group began using Procore to manage all of its projects.The software is very user-intuitive, with no real formal training required. However, KAI is developing a process manual to align the use of this valuable technological tool with its current best practices.

Prior to using the Procore software, KAI project managers and engineers used email and an FTP site to share documents and communicate with the project team, but this method proved to be time consuming and cumbersome.

"The new software gives our project engineers and managers all the necessary tools they need to complete their jobs with ease, and they spend less time doing busy work and more time focused on actually completing their projects," said Brian Arnold,Vice President of Construction at KAI.