2018 Summer Interns Reflect on Their Experiences at KAI - Part 1

KAI’s internship program has existed for the past several years, pulling from the region’s brightest and most qualified students and our 2018 class is no different. Our interns come from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas and even have stark differences in many of their interests, but they all share a common goal of wanting to learn as much as they are capable of within their respective departments. These brilliant minds received several weeks of hands-on training and experience in the areas of: accounting, marketing, project management, architecture, engineering and others. Read our Q&A series with this year's interns to find out who they are, what they enjoy doing and the dynamic things they have accomplished during their 2018 internship with KAI.

Name: John Greene
From: St. Louis, Missouri
College: Harris-Stowe State University – Saint Louis, MO
Major: Communications Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2019
Department: Marketing
Why were you interested in an internship at KAI?
I was interested in interning with KAI because of the workplace culture and diversity, the work that KAI does in the community and my constant desire to expand my knowledge and experience of marketing and communications and the relationship between the two.
What did you hope to learn as an intern at KAI this summer?
I hoped to learn how marketing and communications are used in the architectural sector, what it takes to elevate and expand a business and the entire Adobe Creative Cloud.
What would be your dream job?
My dream job would be Director of Communications for an entertainment/sports management company like Roc Nation or as the Director of Communications for the first black female President. (It’s coming!)
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
An interesting fact about myself is that I love stand-up and improvisational comedy and can impersonate many celebrities.
What or who has influenced your career choice?
My career choice is influenced by my personality, passion and the experience I possess.

Name: Alex Lustig
From: Effingham, Illinois
College: Washington University
Major: Architecture and Construction Management - MS
Expected Graduation: December 2018
Department: Architecture
Why were you interested in an internship at KAI?
Not only am I interested in design, but I equally have a passion for construction. In my career, I want to be able to play the role of designer and builder, so KAI was my first choice for an internship.
What did you hope to learn at KAI this summer?
I wanted the ability to learn in an environment where I could fully make use of both my Master’s degrees. With the build and design departments being under one roof, it makes the necessary collaboration between design and build much more effective.
What would be your dream job?
I hope to be a project manager on design-build projects, that way I can be greatly involved with both design and construction. I like to be able to jump around to different tasks and responsibilities, so that would be the most ideal for me.
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
My dad started his own dirt work company when I was little. He taught me how to operate heavy machinery when I was ten years old and spent the summers running backhoes, excavators and other equipment.
What or who has influenced your career choice?
I come from a construction family. My Grandfather started his own construction company in 1951, so I have grown up within the industry all my life. Spending time in my uncle’s offices looking at all the prints lying out are some of my earliest memories. Being in the architecture and building industry is the only thing that I have ever wanted to do.