Focus on Design.

Architects and engineers all use BIM and all for the same reason – to create a better project. With a collaborative model, interferences are resolved before the project goes out to bid. Material takeoffs and item counts are a snap (if it is in the model, it is on the schedule). And interdiscipline coordination becomes a given.

KAI takes your set of bid documents and creates a BIM (building information management) model that can be used for many different levels of information. Since our “menu choice” of incorporated information is “a la carte,” you get exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

Once the BIM model is created, you have another great tool at your disposal – the ability to visualize the project in 3D. The benefit of our eight levels of service is that you can build in as much or as little detail as you need in order to meet your goals. And if you choose to update the model as changes occur, your model will always be current. No more “out-of-date” CD’s populating your project site.

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