Lessons From My Father

My Father’s voice and the lessons he taught me in the past inspire me today. When you are young many times you really don’t know what you are learning and especially how much it will influence you in the future. As I spend time mentoring young kids who have charisma, athletic talent, intelligence, musical gifts, but no father figure, I hear my voice reflecting my Dad’s voice speaking to me as I was growing up.

BUSINESS SALUTE: 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year - KAI’s Michael Kennedy Sr.
St. Louis American

Michael Kennedy Sr. was bubbling as he walked up to Gateway Middle School for Science and Technology on 1200 N. Jefferson Ave. “There’s really something interesting on the other side of this door,” said Kennedy, the chairman and CEO of KAI Design & Build.

Kennedy, Fowler, Jones to be Honored at Business Salute
St. Louis American

Michael E. Kennedy will receive the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 11th Annual Salute to Excellence in Business. To read the full story, click here, or download the PDF below.