Effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful project. KAI’s design and build professionals understand the art of listening, and how to communicate a client’s vision to the entire project team. The end result is a facility that meets everyone’s needs beautifully.


Creativity for creativity’s sake serves no one. That’s why KAI employs purposeful innovation in all that we do. From investing in the latest BIM technologies, to promoting integrated project delivery, to developing innovative designs that truly serve a building’s function, KAI stays on the leading edge of the A/E/C industry.


Collaboration is at the heart of KAI’s unique “design & build” advantage. Our in‐house architects, engineers and construction professionals work closely throughout each project, exchanging ideas and improving each other’s work. Our clients ultimately reap the benefits of this holistic understanding.


Technology is a tool that, when used intelligently, can enhance a well‐developed process. Such is the case with Building Information Modeling, or BIM. With 100% of our staff producing projects using BIM, KAI is a recognized technology leader. Our innovative processes bring clients better communication, coordination, and true collaboration.